Agile Explorations provides agile coaching, workshops, trainings and assessments that help teams (and organizations built on teams) to be more effective on their journeys.

Whether you are developing software, designing and constructing buildings, manufacturing widgets, helping the homeless, or building a colony on Mars, you are attempting to reach high ground on a dancing landscape while encased in a fog.

The high ground is the value you seek. It might be increased revenue or market share, innovative design, feeding the homeless, or extending our reach to other worlds.

The fog is our inability to see everything we need to know, at the start of our journey, in order to reach that high ground—forcing us to learn as we go.

The dancing landscape is the constantly moving world around us. Things will change. That much we know for sure. But frequently, we don’t know what will change and when it will happen.

Agile Explorations can help your teams to rapidly find their way through the fog, and to recognize and respond to changes as they arise. Core to our approach is the Agile Explorations Framework, which guides teams through an agility assessment resulting in team/process improvements and better measures of success.

If you’re curious about how we could help your organization, please contact us.