Complexity Informed Premortems: And The Impact On Optimism

We are complex beings, working on complex teams, in a complex world—which can be a challenge. Complexity often brings with it volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity. But by leveraging knowledge of the way that complex systems often go awry we can improve our management of risks with premortems. And, as it turns out, thoughtfully imagining all the ways that the upcoming project can go wrong can significantly improve the teams’ optimism about their ultimate success.

Taking Time to Not Think: How Transient Hypofrontality Helps With Your Creative Work

Make no mistake, software development is a creative endeavor. You start with a blank page. You write some code. You reflect, refactor, reflect some more, and then write some more. At the end, with a bit of luck and persistence, you’ve got a solution that works. You’ve gone from nothing to something.

The Devising Game: A Tool for Collaborative Solutioning

It’s happened to all of us. The first thing we think of…ain’t the best we can do. It doesn’t address all the needs, or it’s overly complex, or it performs poorly, or any of a number of things. The Devising Game is an attempt to get through three options quickly and collaboratively, to improve the quality of our solutions.